CyCross is a company that provides vast variety of medical services. CyCross is located in Cyprus, Larnaca. It was established in 2002. We provide medical services to local population, tourists visiting Cyprus for holidays or foreigners who live here permanently.
During the years of our activity we constantly try to broaden the range of our activities, to enlarge our facilities and to improve the quality of medical services we provide.

For simplicity we can divide the activities of our company to several interests, they'll be listed below not in priority list, just for logic purposes

Patient Assisatnce
We provide assistance to the patients to deal with insurance companies on there behalf
Ambulance Services
Ambulance, emergency and accident assistance
Holy Cross Clinic
CyCross is one of the main shareholder of the "Holy Cross Clinic" newly refurnished and re-equipped private hospital
Services Provided
We provide help to guide patients seeking medical assistance in different medical specialities. We cooperate with all specialists and facilities available in Cyprus to provide the best quality of private medical care, as well as the best specialists available and at the lowest prices possible.


We kindly ask you to be understanding to the quality and the information on the WEB, it'll be constantly upgraded to be more informative. It is just the begging of our activities in the NET. Any questions will be carefully viewed and answered if you contact us all your questions will be a guideline for us to improve the site and to make it more easy and comfortable for you.

Last Updated 08/01/2005