We cooperate with all kinds of medical specialities, most of them are in the Holy Cross Clinic

All our doctors are holding a specialist level (consultant) also all of them will be fluent in English and the majority know few other languages. We cooperate with more than one doctor in each speciality. We arrange for you an appointment with the specialist you need in a very short notice, and we will advice you with the doctor specialist you need according to doctors' sub-specialisation.

We can arrange for you medical treatment in both emergency and elective cases, as it became very popular to travel for different kinds of treatment price wise and confidentiality wise ( not every lady will like her neighbour to mention that she had cosmetic surgery and all covered with bandages in the first few days).

The most common specialities we cooperate with are
Internal medicineCardiology
General surgery
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
Orthopaedics and trauma surgery
Urology surgery
ENT surgery
Gynaecology surgery
Neurology and psychiatry
Radiology invasive and non-invasive
All kind of laboratories analysis

We cooperate with more than one consultant in each speciality and they provide all kinds of treatment and procedures