We'd like to give you few advices when you book you holidays concerning the insurance. If you are holding a Cypriot insurance policy then a few problems which can happened concerning the documentation will be sorted out with few local phone calls. In case there is problems with the insurance documentation with travel insurance, then it'll cost you a lot of phone calls and stress when you or your friend or family member is in the unpleasant position being ill!

Unfortunately the problems we deal with, are common and similar nearly in every case. So here are few points we would like to pay your attention to, because if you know them you will avoid all the unnessesary discomfort.

First of all, be sure that you are holding all the documents that can proof that you are holding an insurance, and that you have paid for it and your name is listed on one of the documents. The common misunderstanding happens when you book last minute package which many times is much cheaper, and then the documents will be posted to your address when you are already on the beach! Which is 4000 miles for away! This can cost you more than you were planning in your holidays budget. If you trust your friend to make the booking arrangements then ask your friend about the documents, before you get in the car to the airport, in the airplane it is already too late! Of course your tourist agent will do everything possible to help you to issue new documents, but there will be always an objective reason why it is possible in few days!

In the insurance policies there is an excess, it is the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance company will start paying for your treatment, it could be even up to £100! This will make your insurance policy cheaper, but it is your choice, you can always buy your self an excess waver. In this case your insurance will pay on your behalf from the first pound.

After Cyprus joined the EEA the issue of the insurance E111 became actual. You can take it free of charge from your post office. The E111 for can be used in the state medical facilities, it can't be used in the private sector of medical care. It is your choice, but we can NOT provide any medical care with this policy. The only medical assistance we can provide is in case that your life will be in danger and you need immediate help, then you'll be provided with assistance until the state facilities will take care of you.

Please read your insurance policy especially the conditions which you'll not be covered for. It is chronic diseases and condition you are having, this have to be pre-arranged with the insurance company before you pay your insurance, they need to know your health details before giving you the coverage, in case you don't inform about chronic condition, then most probably you'll not be covered if some condition related to your primary disease happens! Also have in your consideration that nobody will be covered if he or she sustains injury under influence of alcohol or psychotropic drugs and non-official chemical agents.

In case you'll need to pay for medical services and every thing related to them, starting for taxi ending with pharmacy bills, be sure that you have receipts for every thing you pay. You can try to claim it back when you get home.

We really hope you'll not need to use any medical help while you are on holidays, that is not the reason of your visit to Cyprus! So be careful, it is hot here in the summer, you need a lot of water!